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ويملك خالد مقدرة حقيقية للربط بين تجارب الحياة الحقيقية وبين مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي حول القضايا العامة ثم مناقشتها مع متابعيه.



I think the most important part of any relationship is understanding that change will come. Many times we hold on to the person we first fell in love with to be something stable, something that will remain the same for the rest of our lives. __ Everything changes in our world, people change all the time, but for some reason we think the person we married is going to be the exception, the person we loved on day one will be the same for the rest of our lives __ For example the man you marry could have a stable corporate job with a steady income, that doesn't mean there won't come a time where he wants to give all of that up to follow his dreams of starting his own company from scratch. The woman you married on day one might have dreams of purely raising a family, that doesn't mean that somewhere down the line she won't want to build a career of her own. __ The man I am today versus the man I was when Salama married me is completely different, I had a stable corporate job with steady income, today I work for myself and have very little visibility on where my name pay cheque will come from. The woman Salama is today is very different from the woman I married, she was focused on raising a family, and today she is an entrepreneur and runs her own small business. __ The thing we understand is that although we have built a life together, we still need to build lives of our own, we still need to realize dreams of our own, and we have each other as the strong source of support. She helps me prepare proposals and listen to my lectures, and I help her pack her jewellery. __ We are both the biggest part of each other's change, we are always on the same team, and just because one of us has a personal dream that doesn't change the love we have for each other, because that love is the source of strength we need to go through that change and bring our dreams to life, it is all connected, just like we are.

A post shared by Khalid Al Ameri (@khalidalameri) on

A post shared by Khalid Al Ameri (@khalidalameri) on May 18, 2017 at 1:53am PDT



وتظهر الصور جوانب من حياة الزوجين سواء وقت الطعام أو الترفيه ورسائلهما المتبادلة وما تحتويها من مشاعر جياشة مقترنة بخفة الظل والمرح.


وتعبر صور السيلفي للزوجين عن علاقة رائعة يملؤها الود وتغمرها السعادة والتفاهم.




المصدر : شبكة بو يمن